Sculpting With Ruth 

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Saturday 10:30 am - 2:00pm. Four 3.5 hour sessions.

This class is devoted to sculpting, and will cover:

The basics of hollow-form sculpture

Pinching, coiling, and joinery

Use of basic sculpting tools

Storage basics

We will make simple forms that are sound and functional. Please think about compact forms such as gnomes, mushrooms, mermaids, toads, hedgehogs, seated birds, salamanders, beetles, snails, turtles, etc. More than one sculpture may be made!

Course structure:

Jan 19- Feb 2: The first three classes will be spent building our sculptures.

Feb 9 & 16: We will take a two-week to allow time for our pieces to dry and be bisque fired.

Feb 23: We will spend this week glazing, staining, and or painting our pieces.

Pieces will be fired to cone - 6 oxidation.

March 2: Our final week will be a critique and party! We’ll see how our pieces turned out and learn from each other.

Please email instructor Ruth Fischer Rutkowsky with any questions about the course.

Ruth’s website

Price: $150 + clay ($12 / 25 pound bag)

Email to sign up.


Beginner's Package


(3) 2 hour private sessions: wheel and/or hand building intro; refining your pieces; glazing techniques. A one month studio membership is included.

Private Lessons

Starting at $40/hour


Starting at $100/2 hours

We offer classes for parties and groups, starting at $100/2 hours + per person fee + materials fee.

Some of our past parties have included:

  • Adult clay party: Get together with your friends for 2+ hours on the wheel or handbuilding. Refreshments can be provided by the studio as part of the package. At the end of your session, choose the glaze you want, and your pieces will be ready for pickup within about 4-5 weeks.

    • Bridal showers: Celebrate by getting together for a pottery evening of 2+ hours on the wheel or hand building. Each guest will make 2 pieces—one for the bride and one for themselves.

  • Kids' parties: Same as adults but no alcohol :)

  • Kids' summer camps / clubs: Price dependent upon number of kids and number of sessions.

  • Pottery painting parties: Start off with a professionally made piece of unglazed pottery and decorate it yourself! Your finished pieces will be available for pickup within about 4-5 weeks. The price of this package will reflect the cost of each piece selected for glazing.

Call Linda at (828) 284-5760 for specific pricing.

Contact Linda Powell to sign up for classes or lessons

(828) 284-5760

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